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Fortune favours the brave

Fortune favours the brave

“We aim to create a positive impact with meaningful, innovative ideas and change. It’s about the choices we all make that create a better future. Better for the people and organisations we collaborate with, better for their customers, better for us and our planet. Is it something innovative that has the potential to improve our lives? Or is it a product that supports people during difficult times? We’re helping to shape (sometimes seemingly crazy) ideas and create better businesses that connect with the hearts of people.”

Team Blitz

Team Blitz

Our Manifesto

Improve lives

We create only solutions that have a positive impact on organisations we work with and their customers. Many products are entirely one-sided just for the sake of business. We don't believe this is ethical.

Have your own perspective

One of the most important things we have is our perspective. When we combine diverse perspectives, great things can happen. A different view of the problem helps our clients more than we think.

Make it fun

There are many ways to work, and it’s easy to be discouraged by the massive challenges. Going through boring and unpleasant processes doesn’t help. We believe that enjoyable processes help us create better solutions, be more innovative and work more productively.

People will find a way

Challenges can often seem daunting. But we genuinely believe that they are only opportunities waiting to be turned to our biggest strengths.

Test ideas frequently

We know that some ideas are bad and some ideas are really great. Our job is to find the great ones. So we need to quickly test them all to figure out which will have a positive impact.

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